November 20, 2019
Serving two states from its Greensboro, N.C. headquarters, under direction of CEO Paul Mengert, Association Management Group extends a long list of services across several offices in the Carolinas. With more than 300 planning unit developments, condominiums and townhouses receiving management services from the 30-year company, AMG provides a wealth of offerings to its client owners and their residents. Among those services extended, one discovers superior customer service, state-of-the-art billing and collections options, financial planning assistance, in-house or vendor-option maintenance teams, neighborhood communications tactics and tools, prepared financial statements and assistance with architectural issue repairs, control or maintenance. The service options are unique to each community and available from AMG as requested, needed or desired by location.
August 21, 2019
Whether a seasoned professional or new to the resident association field, Paul Mengert created AMG to give you the knowledge you need to succeed. Association Management Group brings the industry’s top community association management professionals and uses the finest resources to deliver exactly what your association residents need. What makes them unique? Experience, software, accreditation, and technology.

AMG uses extensive experience and hiring practices in order to accomplish more for their clients. Their managers use independent discretion to satisfy the goals that have been established by a client’s board of directors. The have also developed advanced software that uses computer based tracking systems to allow managers to keep track of service requests and work orders and store those accounts on the documents they maintain. For over twenty years, the Association Management Group has been an active member of the Community Association Institute which is a national trade organization that represents the interests of condominium, townhome, and single family associations throughout the United States. Finally, technology is utilized via state of the art computer systems and telecommunication systems that allow them to obtain more efficient results. That means reports are available online, in real time.

Paul Mengert has worked hard to develop a team of experts at AMG. These experts ensure smooth transitions for their efforts. They even have a specialized transition team that consists of a conversion manager, accounting manager, and an efficient support staff. Let them help get things in order and running efficiently for you.
May 22, 2019
It is an understatementto state that education is a major focus for Paul Mengert, AMG (Association Management Group) founder and current CEO. Put into its simplest possible terms, AMG is a management education and training company that teaches personnel at homeowners’ associations how to do their jobs better. What that means is, they are taught how to ensure a better outcome for homeowners and others. By employing a great many of instructors for AMG classes who are executives with various companies, serving as managing partners, presidents, and even CEOs, he is building up his community in several ways.

Essentially, AMG functions as a shorter version of a Masters of Business Administration (MBA) program, that is, in some ways, modeled after the MBA program at Harvard Business School, where Paul Mengert is an alumnus. This should be obvious, since most of the classes in the program are taught by Paul Mengert and many other Harvard Business School alumni, who just happen to live in the Greensboro, North Carolina area and who want to give back to their community, much as Paul does. Paul Mengert was born and raised in Greensboro, he went to the University of North Carolina in Greensboro as an undergrad and he purposely located AMG’s offices there because he wanted to provide his community with a solid economic boost.

Put simply, Paul Mengert, AMG CEO, believes that it is absolutely important for everyone with the means to do so, to give back to their community in whichever way they see fit. That can mean giving of yourself personally, or it can mean generating business activity and a larger tax base.
February 21, 2019
Paul Mengert

Paul Mengert, the founder and CEO of AMG (Association Management Group) established the firm way back in 1984 in his hometown of Greensboro, North Carolina. He did so purposefully, as a way to give back. That is because he feels that he owes a lot to his home community. Paul majored in Political Science and Communications at the University of North Carolina, Greensboro. He also graduated from Harvard Business School in 2005 and joined together with other HBS graduates in Greensboro to establish AMG. Of course, he followed that by earning a certification as a Professional Community Association Manager (PCAM) certification. Education is very important, from Paul Mengert’s perspective, and being able to give back to the community is one of the most important things any person or business owner can do.

Paul Mengert and AMG are proud to be an active part of his community. They have provided a significant economic boost, to be sure. Paul has also been involved with a Management Development Program in the area, and so far, more than fifty local companies have sent executives to the program, including major corporations like Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Microsoft, Pfizer, and many others, including AMG. Paul Mengert promotes this valuable program, not just because he learns a lot from it himself, but because the program provides a lot of benefit to many local charities, including non-profits like A Child’s Place, Catherine’s House, Buddy Kemp Caring House, and others. After expenses are deducted, so far they have donated more than $350,000.

AMG is more than just a homeowners’ association management company. It also functions as a shorter version of an MBA (Masters of Business Administration) program and many of the classes are taught by Harvard Business School alumni. Many of the instructors for these classes are executives with various companies, serving as managing partners, presidents, and even CEOs.